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Raku Large Adult Quail Raku Large Adult Quail

Handmade of raku pottery, these adult quails are protective of their following babies.

Price: $12.00
Raku Turtle Deco Raku Turtle Deco

Hand thrown raku pottery jar with twig & assorted gemstone fetish lid

Price: $12.00
Raku Cross Magnet Raku Cross Magnet

Raku pottery sacred cross wrapped in copper wire features natural stones in assorted spiral designs.

Price: $12.00
Raku Heart Raku Heart


Price: $12.00
Raku Spirit Angel Figurine Raku Spirit Angel Figurine

It is believed that we each have a guardian angel watching over us.  Let this palm-size raku spirit angel stand nearby to protect those well loved.  Expect miracles!

Each piece is formed from raw clay, glazed by hand & fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000 degrees. Removed red hot, pieces are placed in a pit of mesquite shavings & covered to smother the ignited fire.  This process creates vivid flashes of color ranging from purples, plums & reds to oxidized copper & brilliant blue, hallmarks of metallic luster raku glazes.  Pieces are then carefully cooled in water to prevent thermal cracks.

Price: $12.00
Raku Small Cross Raku Small Cross

Raku pottery sacred cross with turquoise heart in copper wire starburst. A wire loop on back hangs each one-of-a-kind cross.

Price: $16.00